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Visiting any place costs serious cash. Independent of the visa costs and airfare tickets, there are additionally entrance fees that lots of places need. But, additionally, there are places that one could visit without spending anything and here is a range of such destinations in Denmark.

Free attractions

Usually, lots of Denmark's colossal attractions are free of charge, and accessible all year-round, for instance, there are always a majority of statues, churches, historical ruins and ancient monuments available that way. Many manor houses and castles offer free entry towards the grounds that are adjacent gardens to ensure one can go sightseeing without paying any such thing.

Craftsmen and galleries additionally available to the public without charge, but the majority of these are only open into the summer months. Denmark provides an abundance of free experiences if one is interested in architecture, and in addition to the constructions that are classic every-where, many brand new and interesting buildings were erected through the entire country in the past few years.


All of Denmark's national museums run with a free entry policy for kids below 18. grownups have free entry to your National Museum of Denmark, the National Gallery of Denmark (permanent collections), the Danish Music Museum, the Post and Telegraph Museum and the Open Air Museum, each of that are found in the nation's capital, Copenhagen. Other national organizations additionally have special times when it is free-for-adults. Some of them are:

Ny Carlsberg Glyptotek in Copenhagen is free on Sundays, Danish Architecture Centre in Copenhagen is clear of 5 PM to 9 PM on Wednesdays and Museum of Copenhagen in Copenhagen is free on Fridays.

Royal Arsenal Museum, The Hirschsprung Collection, Royal Danish Naval Museum, Thorvaldsen Museum in Copenhagen, and Danish Museum of Hunting and Forestry in Hørsholm are free on Wednesdays.

Checking with all the tourist that is local can provide information about other museums and destinations across Denmark with special free-entry times.
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