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About This Guide

HDI Local Chapters are managed by volunteer boards, known as local chapter officers (LCOs). Since the first chapters were created in 1989, a wealth of experiences and knowledge has been captured and shared to assist new officers with their roles and responsibilities. It would be a burdensome task to expect any officers to read all that has been captured and to determine what is important to know and what is nice to know, or even where to begin or where to find these resources.

The HDI LCOs Training Guide provides guided learning paths for each role. Each learning path provides an overview of the role along with links to numerous resources. The learning paths include recommended resources as well as optional resources. Just as our knowledge evolves over time, this training guide will also evolve. It has been created using a WIKI framework to allow LCOs to share their knowledge and continuously improve this guide. Like the Wikipedia, the value grows as you contribute to it.

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Officers Positions

While the bylaws require a minimum of six officer positions, chapters may elect to add additional positions. Having a larger board distributes the responsibilities and lightens the load for each officer. Some chapters have elected to have co-VP positions to further distribute the workload. This guide covers the six required officer positions as well as several recommended or optional positions. Each position below is a link to the related learning path for that role.

Local Chapter Officer
All Officers Contains prerequisite resources for every LCO
President (Required)
Vice President of Finance (Required)
Vice President of Programs (Required)
Vice President of Special Events Delegated from VP of Programs
Vice President of Training Delegated from VP of Programs
Vice President of Communications (Required)
Vice President of Social Media Delegated from VP of Communications
Webmaster Delegated from VP of Communications
Vice President of Membership (Required)
Vice President of Vendor Relations (Required)
Chapter Advisor

Got a Question

If you have a question, an idea to share, or a suggestion, then post it to the Local Chapter Officers Community on HDI Connect. Get answers to your questions directly from your trusted colleagues. Allow others to benefit from, and collaborate to improve, your ideas and suggestions. You can also search past discussions to see if your question has already been asked and answered or if your idea has been previously explored by this community.

Posts related to specific officer roles may then be added as resources to the learning path for that officer. If your need for an answer benefits other new officers, then we will be learning from you and improving the Local Chapter Officers Training Guide.